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This group started running together on 5/6/14. Anyone is welcome to join that wants to learn more or wants accountability. Competitive spirits are only welcome if you are competing with yourself. Leave your ego at home. This is a fun and stress-free environment. Events are scheduled by consistent participants that become dedicated and appointed leaders/admins - Steve Carter, David Cofer, Ryan Beckett, Jennifer Carter, Davis Carter and Lyndsey Boeselager.  While our founder, Chris Levan II has stepped down as leader of the group, you'll still see him at many of SCTR runs. We want to keep the same faces as leaders and focus on the same values discussed in planning. This helps us ensure the same experience for anyone. If you have a run you want to invite others to, you are welcome to post on the page but leave the actual "Events" for the admins. Thx for understanding. The objective of our group is: 1. To expose members to the beautiful areas surrounding and overlooking Chattanooga via trail running. 2. Get all beginning (consistent) participants to a 5k distance or more. 3. Help facilitate higher mileage, accountability and challenges for those that want more. *We are not an "ultra group". Everyone is welcome but our focus is people going for objectives 1&2. Any behaviors or actions that detract from those objectives will result in a conversation then a boot if detracting behaviors and actions continue. Our leaders typically lead from the middle or back to help people meet objectives 1&2. If you're up front, great. Just have familiarity with the trails and intersections or ask before the run starts. The group's focus is not aimed at you. Our culture focuses on inclusion of who is afraid of being left behind. A Little About Trail Running Trail running is easier on your joints than pavement pounding but the stride and approach are different from the road. Trail running is more scenic and more engaging than the road. It activates your core more due to lateral and explosive movements. There are ankle rolling hazards if you are not accustomed to the trails. Prepare yourself to build slowly if you're just starting out, or if you're crossing over from the road, do not expect it to be apples to apples. About the Group Runs We always have a weeknight run to provide a release, get together, help people get started, and/or provide consistency to training. We post runs on Tues and Thurs. We do our best to make weekend runs unique locations/destinations to peak interest and provide challenges to train for. About the Facebook page All articles to help, inspire, or inform are welcome. Your running photos and experiences are welcome. Please do not litter the group's page with sales, advertisements, or agendas that you personally benefit from. If you do, we will hit the 'Go Go Gadget Remove You' button. Hope to see you with us. Results cost you consistency and effort. Accountability and encouragement are free (here). Scenic City Trail Runners

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